16.40 – 17.30 TALK ‘ANF Therapy for gut health’ with Cam Dempster

ANF Therapy for gut health with Cam Dempster


Presentation Time: 16.40 - 17.30 (50 mins)

Title: ANF Therapy for gut health

Description: Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy) was created in 2012 by Dr Mikel H-G Hoff, currently more than 500 practitioners worldwide. The therapy works through a unique and innovative method by applying specific frequencies to the body with a wearable patch. This improves the body’s resources and allows maximum recovery, performance and repair. Within this workshop I will explain the science behind the treatment, provide real world examples of it’s power as well as providing real time test patient examples. The therapy works with hormonal imbalances, gut problems like IBS/leaky gut as well as back injuries, postural imbalances, sports injuries and overuse injuries.

About: Cam is your lifestyle companion promoting body positive awareness. She facilitates change through movement, nutrition, pain management therapy, events and life coaching. Having been overweight and underweight she coaches from a point of empathy. Her experience spans over one decade and she is an internationally recognised presenter presenting at conventions such as Fitpro in the UK, IHRSA in the US and workshops throughout the Middle East. She provides transformational coaching both online and in person and you can find her at www.nlperform.com

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