11.50 – 12.00 TALK ‘From Biotechnology to Bread’ with Davina Steel

From Biotechnology to Bread with Davina Steel

Presentation Time: 11.50 - 12.00 (10mins)

Title: From Biotechnology to Bread

Description: As a child Davina hid bread under the bed, toothpaste in the freezer and worms in a jar, to name but a few. She wrote up every "experiment" diligently, usually hiding under the stairs to avoid her five siblings, various pets and visitors in a noisy household. Her lifelong love of science became a reality when she studied Biochemistry, Microbiology and Nutrition and became a Biotechnologist. Fast forward a few years and following cancer treatment Davina became intolerant to gluten. Her other true love being food and cooking, she decided she would embark on a mission to create beautiful gluten free bread that reminded her of the artisan loaves she so missed. She was determined that none should contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives ... just clean ingredients that are delicious and nutritious. These loaves won The World Bread Awards and now she wants to share them with the world, so that those that can't eat gluten can truly "break bread" with their families and friends.

About: Following cancer treatment Davina became intolerant to gluten. As a scientist and nutritionist, whose love is cooking and baking, she decided to create some gluten free bread that contains no chemicals and tastes just like the "real" artisan breads she missed.


Founder of Davina Steel ... Baking the Difference .

Twitter: @davinasteelGF

Website: www.davinasteel.com

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