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Gluten-Free breads

Free From Festival Favourites

Hunter & Gather

Hunter & Gather

Multi-Award Winning Extra Virgin Avocado Oils & Avocado Oil Mayonnaise

Hunter & Gather is a multi award winning business founded by one Coeliac girl and an experimenter boy.

They provide innovative, superior choices free from sugars, grains and harmful fats. They believe in eating real food and all of their products focus around good quality, clean ingredients and minimal processing. Their core product is a Great Taste Gold award winning Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, packed with the goodness of 8 avocados per jar. It is made with simply 4 ingredients! Mayo has been made healthy!

They have options suitable for Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, FODMAP and low carb lifestyles. Make sure to head on over to their stall, grab a photo with the founders and taste their delicious, healthy products.

Davina Steel

Davina Steel

Multi-Award Winning Gluten-Free Breads And Kits

Davina Steel makes the best gluten free bread in the world. Come and taste our multi-award winning breads and buy kits to recreate these artisan loaves simply at home: just add water, oil and yeast, then mix, rise and bake … no kneading and no mess. Also launching from our new bakery … crostini, biscotti and our ever-popular gingerbread men.

“Following cancer treatment, I became severely intolerant to gluten. Missing the beautiful breads I loved, I embarked on a quest to create a replacement for gluten that meant I could make amazing artisan bread again.
The gluten free bread I’d bought was dry, sweet, crumbly and tasted of chemicals. I assumed this was because it was impossible to emulate gluten without adding stuff that has no business being in bread.

True to my scientific and nutritionist roots, I went back to basics and studied the very things I had to avoid: wheat and gluten … then set out to recreate the gluten components using only natural ingredients and our resulting breads and mixes are mistaken for “real bread” on a daily basis … in fact, the bread tastes so good our customers want to eat the whole loaf … and then ask for another.

Winning The World Bread Awards three times and gaining 28 medals to boot, just confirms our belief in what we’ve created and what many key buyers have said, “That’s the best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted”.”



Gut Friendly Granolas & Chicory Root Fibre Syrup

Recent research from the World Health Organisation says killer diseases could be reduced by 30% if we were to eat the recommended 30g of fibre per day.
Yet most people in the UK (and the developed world) are eating closer to 19g per day. Imagine the lives that could be saved if we increased our fibre consumption.
This is the backdrop to our reason for being. TrooFoods is a prebiotic fibre-focused gut health food company on a mission to inspire people change their diets to live long, healthy & happy lives.

We achieve this by:
• educating people about gut health;
• inspiring them to make good food choices
• creating delicious foodie solutions by bringing the world of supplements into every day, easy to digest, convenient food products.
• allowing them to see and track the impact of these food choices on their overall health through our gut health testing protocol with our technology partner Carbiotix.

All our products provide at least 7.5g of fibre per portion; or 25% of your daily fibre requirement. They are specifically developed to be gut healthy and free from gut irritants like gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, emulsifiers etc. They are also low in sugar with ingredients that help manage your blood sugar levels preventing those sugar spikes and keeping you fuller for longer.

Norty Puds


Mouthwatering Free-From Cakes, Puddings, Nut Butters & Drinks

Norty (Not Naughty!)
Norty create delicious cakes, puddings, nut butters and drinks that give you that feeling of indulgence without any of the guilt.
Norty use only 100% recyclable packaging including their fun branded Coffee Cups!

Green Sisters

Gluten & Dairy-Free Sweet and Savoury Samosas

Green Sisters are passionate about food inclusion. We produce vegan authentic Free From products in sweet and savoury flavours - offering choice, nutrition and peace of mind, deliciously 'Free From Compromise'! Order online at