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Speakers & Demo Presenters: Oxford 2019

From Biotechnology to Bread with Davina Steel

Presentation Time: 11.40 - 11.55 (15mins)

Title: From Biotechnology to Bread

Description: An insight into Davina's journey through a lifelong love of science and nutrition and a career in biotechnology. When cancer intervened and caused serious intolerances to some foods she decided to use her expertise to create the best gluten free bread in the world. A rollercoaster journey that has seamlessly melded her love of science, nutrition and creating new foods into a business that wouldn't have existed but for the difficult journey.

About: Following cancer treatment Davina became intolerant to gluten. As a scientist and nutritionist, whose love is cooking and baking, she decided to create some gluten free bread that contains no chemicals and tastes just like the "real" artisan breads she missed.

Davina Steel

Founder of Davina Steel... Baking the Difference

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