Healthy Raw Treats Demo with Ineke Nugteren2019-03-14T21:16:11+00:00

Speakers & Demo Presenters: Oxford 2019

Raw Treats Demo with Ineke Nugteren

Presentation Time: 14.55 – 15.35 (40 mins)

Title: Raw treats demo

Description: Quick Snacks/Treats demo - Using some of their products as well as quick snacks to whip up for an afternoon or morning snack, or post work out. Or in the evening to curb sugar cravings.

About: With a background of nursing, and educating people about health and wellness, I am passionate to help people see how food/nutrition can make such an impact on the way we feel, our health and general wellbeing. The Nourish brand was born out of having a love for food, as well as being gluten and diary free. Creating recipes and products is something I love doing. Having seen the effect of sugar in patients as well as personally and in children’s diets our products are all refined sugar free and low in natural sugars. Through bringing products to market and educating individuals here in the UK and beyond, we plan to use the profits to benefit those in Africa through increased water access as well as funding micro-businesses to help empower individuals in their own countries. Please visit our website, or pop past our stand. We would love to meet you!

Founder of Nourish

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