Are You Sure It’s Gluten? And How To Avoid A Simple Carb Trap with Laura Westwood2019-03-20T18:11:55+00:00

Speakers & Demo Presenters: Oxford 2019

Are you sure it's gluten? And how to avoid a simple carb trap... with Laura Westwood

Presentation Time: 13.55 – 14.35 (40 mins)

Title: Are you sure it's gluten? And how to avoid a simple carb trap...

Description: Identifying gluten sensitivities are on the increase, but are we sure its gluten? Or could the digestive pangs we get after eating gluten be caused by another factor? Often eating in or out the home can be a challenge and may cause anxieties around food. You may find one day you are absolutely fine and the next your gut is 'shouting' at you. Even when you are sure you are doing the right thing for your body, it can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Understanding gluten sensitivity and exploring the possibility of other causes for digestive issues will help in understanding how your gut deals with this and how you can start to unpick and repair your body, ready to rediscover the joy of food!

About: Having a strong interest in the science behind nutrition and dealing with my own digestive issues I decided to take that passion to complete a BSc in Human Nutrition. Now a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN I can help others who want to reclaim their joy and love for food when living with digestive issues. To help achieve this I use evidence-based science with complete guidance and support. As a result, my clients are astounded of how much their overall well-being and health has improved by working with me.


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