Taking The Leap Of Faith – From Bake Sales To Pop Ups with Sarah Ralphs and Amy Edgar2019-03-14T21:34:11+00:00

Speakers & Demo Presenters: Oxford 2019

‘Taking the leap of faith - from bake sales to pop ups’ with Sarah Ralphs & Amy Edgar

Presentation Time: 14.40 - 14.50 (10mins)

Title: ‘Taking the leap of faith - from bake sales to pop ups’

Description: How do you turn your passion for free from food into a small business? What help is out there? How do you create the perfect free from product? How do you create a zero waste business? - join Sarah and Amy as they take you through their journey setting up the Banana Bread Bar, and how they have taken their love of baking from bake sales in the office, to pop ups and brunch clubs.

About: We are Sarah and Amy...by day, we are comms professionals in London…but by night we are putting all of our blood, sweat and tears into making our dream of setting up a pop up Banana Bread Bar come true. Today that dream does come true - we are launching our first pop up here at the Free From Festival. Setting up a new small business is a challenge - but we are loving every minute. We have spent months creating the perfect gluten free, vegan recipe as we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy it. We hope everyone loves our banana bread as much as we do!

Co-founders of Banana bread bar

Instagram: @bananabreadbar