Simple Gluten Free Christmas Treats with Vicki Montague2019-05-11T15:57:18+00:00

Speakers & Demo Presenters: London 2019

Simple, healthy gluten free cooking with Vicki Montague

Presentation Time: 13.30 - 14.15 (45 mins)

Title: Simple, healthy gluten free cooking

Description: Vicki will be showing how to make a selection of simple, healthy gluten free dishes that everyone will enjoy.

About: Vicki created the Free From Fairy after her daughter was diagnosed with egg and milk protein allergies at the age of 9 months and coeliac disease at the age of 2. Using her degree in biochemistry and genetics and certificate in nutrition she created her own award winning wholegrain gluten free flour blend. She has developed an online course to help people adapt to the gluten free diet. She shares her simple family friendly 'free from' recipes on her blog and in ebooks.

Founder of the Free From Fairy

Facebook: /freefromfairy
Instagram: @freefromfairy
Twitter: @freefromfairy