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Speakers & Demo Presenters: Oxford 2020

Teff - Trade not Aid with Yonas Alemu

Presentation Time: 16.30 - 16.50

Title: Teff - Trade not Aid

Description: A strong purpose at the heart of the brand is a huge part of why it has been so well received. Yonas Alemu, the Founder grew up in Ethiopia amongst teff farmers and has a real passion when it comes to sharing one of the country’s staple foods. Yonas says: “Lovegrass Ethiopia was born from a mission to share the benefits and uniqueness of Ethiopian teff with the rest of the world. In doing so, we work directly with local farmers to create a market that pays them a fair price, enabling them to invest and grow their own small businesses while also sharing their amazing stories.”

Founder of Lovegrass Ethiopia

Facebook: @ovegrassethiopia
Instagram: @Lovegrass_Ethiopia
Twitter: @thelovegrass
Website: www.thelovegrass.com