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Top 6 Free-From Bloggers You Must Follow

James Wythe

Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Wheat-Free Food Blogger


James creates gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free recipes of which many are plant-based. He is also a  fully qualified Health Coach helping others achieve their health goals.He has a passion for healthy living mainly focusing on quick, healthy and easy recipes that will transform the way you think about food.

Alice Wiggins

Gluten & Dairy-Free Food Blogger


Alice is a gluten & dairy free food blogger, who uses her website and various social media platforms to show that having allergies and intolerances doesn't mean you should miss out. Alice was diagnosed with Coeliac disease back in 2009, after years of constant tummy issues, and later found out she was also intolerant to dairy too. She created her website 2 years ago, as she wanted to share her experiences of Free From eating with others by posting recipes, restaurant recommendations, meal ideas, product reviews, weekly shop inspiration and more. Alice's main aim is to help others going through the transition of being diagnosed with Coeliac disease, a food allergy or an intolerance, as she knows how difficult it can be. You can check out Alice's website or find her over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by searching for @Glutenfreealice.

Becky Excell

Gluten-Free Blogger and Photographer


Becky Excell is a gluten free food blogger and photographer based in London and Essex. In 2013, she started her own food blog out of a frustration with the lack of gluten free food that didn't taste like cardboard. She started sharing recipes for all the food she missed eating and it turned out that quite a lot of other people missed them too.

Fast forward 5 years and she now has a 160,000-strong army of hungry gluten free followers across social media. In 2018 she was awarded Vuelio's 'Best Baking Blog' award and named one of the top 30 influencers under 30. She's still pretty frustrated that she'll never be able to go on Bake Off because there's gluten everywhere.

Her Instagram is like an online gluten free cookbook, full of recipes that make you think 'I didn't think I'd eat that ever again' with a few new product discoveries thrown in for good measure.

She also openly and honestly shares her struggles with gut health and mental health on her Instagram story and on YouTube too. Both are topics that go hand in hand with stigma and stereotypes but Becky's determined to show that gut and mental health problems can happen to anyone, at any time.

At the heart of it all, Becky knows how awkward being gluten free can be and is just happy if her blog helps one person get by a little easier.

Laura Strange

Gluten-Free Blogger and Recipe Developer


Laura runs "My Gluten Free Guide", a leading resource for coeliacs and one of the most popular UK gluten free Instagram accounts and websites. My Gluten Free Guide is a go-to resource for all things gluten free and a must-follow for UK coeliacs.

Diagnosed as coeliac 20 years ago, Laura is very experienced at being safely gluten free. She set up her social media and blog five years ago to help others to navigate gluten free life. She knows first hand how hard coeliac disease can be to get to grips with (and then live with).

Laura loves giving other coeliacs the confidence to travel, dine out, cook new things and generally live their best possible life! She has visited multiple countries and has written gluten free travel guides for over 40 destinations to date.

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for gluten free recipes, restaurant recommendations, travel tips and product reviews - all coeliac friendly, of course. Or visit her website to read her amazing coeliac friendly gluten free travel guides, discover new tasty gluten free recipes and much more.

Laura lives in London with her husband Dave and baby daughter Alba. She currently works as a freelance gluten free recipe developer, blogger and marketing consultant.

Alexandra Chapman

Gluten Free Blogger and Journalist @TheGlutenFreeSuitcase

Alexandra is a London born and bred journalist and gluten free blogger who sets out to make gluten free life and travel easier for her followers. Travelling frequently around the UK and abroad, her love for discovering safe and delicious options for the gluten free crowd remains her top priority.

The Gluten Free Suitcase showcases restaurant and product reviews, gluten free travel guides, business profiles and recipes, the latter of which Alexandra creates in her kitchen in Tooting, in South West London. The Gluten Free Suitcase often features Alexandra's friends and family as a means of demonstrating just how sociable gluten free eating can be.

Alexandra offers gluten free tips in both English and Spanish and curates individual travel guides for her followers upon request.

Sarah Howells


Sarah Howells is a gluten free blogger with coeliac disease from sunny North Devon. She's spends her time whipping up gluten free bakes and treats, reviewing gluten free places to eat and sharing tips and humour for living with coeliac disease. Find her at or @GFBlogger on social media.