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Gluten-Free breads

Free From Festival Favourites

Lovegrass Ethiopia

Gluten and Dairy-Free, Low GI Teff Pasta, Flours, Flakes and Mixes

In 2014, Ethiopian born Yonas Alemu walked into a health food shop and saw Teff on the shelf. Initially excited to find someone selling a staple of his African home, he was disappointed to find it came from the US and not from its origin, Ethiopia. It was a trigger that saw him leave his successful career in finance and venture into the world as a socially responsible entrepreneur.

All Lovegrass Teff is proudly sourced from small-scale Ethiopian farmers, who to this day harvest with ox and plough, a tradition unchanged for thousands of years.

The smallest of all grains, Teff is a naturally gluten free, packed with prebiotic fibre, iron, magnesium, manganese and calcium, and is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C.

What sets Teff apart from other grains, is its outstanding natural combination of nutrients that promote endurance, performance, and good health. Not only does Teff help people suffering from the Coeliac disease, IBS or heart problems but it can aid weight loss, improve circulation, support bone health and boost the immune system.

Their multi award winning range of Teff based products includes grains, flours, Pancake & Waffle Mix, world's first 100% Teff Fusilli and Crispy Teff Flakes. They spent lockdown perfecting a new snack range, watch this space for more!

All their products can be bought online at

Make sure to stop by and say hello as they'll have plenty of samples for everyone to try the London Free From Festival!

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Green Sisters

Gluten & Dairy-Free Sweet and Savoury Samosas

Winners of 2021 free from food, bronze award in the labelling category, Greensisters plant based kitchen confidently brings to you flaours from the East, including the well loved, bombay potato and pea samosasa range in various levels of heat of award winning, veggielicious and choco'licios product without compromising on flavour or choice.

Traditionally fried, while we believe in healthier options, so you'll find a samosa crunch that's baked and a new and exciting menu of meals catering to various combinations of niche diets.

It's the kind of food that draws a crowd so why not come over, say hi, meet the sisters and our team.